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Game Night - 2004

My first posted event is "Game Night", an over night event my friends and I usually try to set to play nothing but games. The last minute decision to this gives me few pictures to post but something cool to check out and maybe even give you an idea of something to do when hanging out with your friends. Check this out.

I set up most of my game systems on a dual monitor setup with several switch boxes. This set up includes the Game Cube, Playstation, JVC X-Eye (Sega CD and Genesis Combo), Super Nintendo, and 3DO. The systems I own but didn't have the time or resources to hook up are the Turbo-Graphics-16, the Sega Master System (not shown), and the Atari 2600 (also not shown). My dad and I have always joked about having the museum of dead game systems, and this almost comes close to it.
My Computer System was built by my self from scratch, I bought cheaply priced parts but of everything I needed or could possibly use. It runs under Windows 98 SE which is the most stable and compatible gaming OS. I have several emulators, freeware games, pinball games, and other various games. What you are looking at on the monitor a the classic arcade hit, 'Iron-Man's Super Off-Road' playing on MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). I use the Philips FW-C777 Game Port Mini System. That's Right! Game-Mix, 3-level wOOx Bass, CD-RW Compatible, 5-CD Changer, USB PC-Link, and 360 Total Watts of Power with lighted dashboard display. How do you like them apples!?
Technos' Super Dodge Ball on MAME. Clueless about it myself, but someone seems to have found enjoyment in this.
Andrew(left) and James compete in the classic Track and Field. James is definitely the master button pusher. He held fastest records against us.
Magic: the Gathering cards scattered about the floor. Anyone up for a game of cards? This is one of are favorite games, though a big time consumer.
James scoring some Moon Patrol. Brings back old memories.
Cecily is my sister's friend and isn't really part of game night, but she did hit some Soul Calibur 2 on X-box so its all good. Too bad she's getting beaten by the computer in this picture.
Oscar(Left) and Andrew just couldn't make it. I personally didn't sleep until like 8:30AM but these losers are just out of it.