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Another year of Otakon and it was great. I got more pictures to share with you, and I have a real costume this time. No Level One swordsman this time. Enjoy!

Hover over picture to read text. Download them as collectables for your Otakon page. (Just give me credit where due)

Not sure who these people were, but their costumes were well detailed.
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Aerith and Cloud are cute together as you can see
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A group of Inu-Yasha Cosplayers
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Otakon gets quite crowded, sometimes more than this.
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Ninja Training
lubu_diaochan.jpg Oh yeah, these Magic Knights are hot!
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Reached Lvl 5 and equipped with nunchakus
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The Ninja on a Budget. Got a black Katana as well. Upgraded weapons, but need upgraded armor.
Ninja Battle Ninja Battle 2 My sister cosplayed as Zhen Ji from Dynasty Warriors. Don't let her beat you with the flute. Ayane and Hitomi out late.
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Auron and some cute chick he was with
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Cloud and Squall started fighting. Had to see this.
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FF7 vs. FF8. Which hero is stronger?
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Battle Stances. Crappy ATB System!
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Cloud and Squall pose.
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A young Cloud and Yuffie at Otakon
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Two maniacs with guns and blades.
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Look at these maniacs posing
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It's Red Link! As Seen in Zelda and Smash Bros. Games
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My Sister and her Friends
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