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Updated: 03-29-06

New homepage layout.
Added new Wallpaper.

Site is still under construction 


My Profile  Want to know somethin' about me?
My Web Profile  A profile made by taking a bunch of fun tests and quizzes online and throwing them all into this section.
My CG Pics  Stuff I did my senior year @ Bowie High School in Computer Graphics 1.  Now I almost wish I could have taken CG2.
Desktop Wallpaper I have created. Small and limited at the moment, but will increase in time.
Past Events  Some of the exciting stuff of my life.
Guild Wars Adventure Here I post pictures of places I've gone and things I've done.. In Guild Wars of course.
Other Residences Other places you'd find me and my stuff
Guestbook* Sign-in, tell me wassup. (Opens in new window)
Message Forum* Check the boards for info or just to say something on various topics. (Opens in new window)
Links  Friends' Websites and other cool stuff. *coming soon*
Credits* Credits go to my peeps and the places where I got the scripts and stuff for my site. (Opens in new window)

Fonts If the green font is the same as the yellow, right-click the green words and save the target to 'C:\Windows\Fonts'.

ScalaSSK.ttf - ScalaSSK.ttf
Daniel.ttf - Daniel.tff
Memory.ttf - Memory.tff
Dragonwick.ttf - Dragonwick.tff
Lcddcs.ttf - Lcddcs.tff