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My Links

Links to sites my friends have done:

My sister's website.  It has a lot of her art and more.  You've seen the Chibi Jonathon Striker?  Yep, that's her drawing.  Thanks sis.
Dr. Lighthead.  This guy is a bit weird. This site is a bit weird. And yet, It's all good.  Got some Sonic The Hedgehog pics he created also.
A friend of mine who is into writing books.  Even been selling some of them.  Check if there is a book of your interest.


Links to some of my favorite sites:

  One of the three banners I did for this site. I'm a big fan of this classic game and look at all the support they have on this site alone.
Anime Music Videos - Doesn't the name explain it? Free downloads of a lot of fan-made music videos to favorite Japanese anime series.


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