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My Links

My favorite music pages:

SoundClick Now! A small site but a good place to find original music. I post my music here also.
I'm kind of new to this site myself, but they a good selection of music you can listen to and download (or purchase) and it doesn't require a log in for the free music offered.
You can find a few well known song here available for free download.
A music player that can play almost any music format and can install a number of plug-ins for even more.  Also has plug-ins for games, visualization, sound, etc., and various skins.  Get either the loveable Classic, or go all out with the the latest taste of Winamp.
Great site for free remixes to music from Commodore 64 Games.  Includes a 30sec preview of the song you're checking as well as the original SID tune the mix is from.  The Last Ninja remixes are my favorite.
Overclocked Remix A great site for game music remixes.  Its Big!
VGmix 2 has hit the scene and is looking better than ever. Great place to find remixes, post a few of your own, and leave comments and reviews to each song.
A band dedicated to playing C64 music live.  Everything they play sounds like a beach party to me.
Another good site for Mod music.  A little harder to search but has more music to find.

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