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Striker's Music

Music is just on of my talents, hobbies, and hopefully something I will do in my future career. I've been doing compositions for awhile and still have a lot to learn. Check out a lot of my music on this page. You'll see flash players located under each section so that you can check them out. Share with friends.

Some Original Tunes:
zipzeta2 Composed with Modtracker, another little ditty using few voices, but ranging between 8-bit and high quality sounds. -Jonathon Chase, 2007
zipzeta Little chiptune ditty using c64 sounds and only 3 channels. I set all instruments to cut so voices didn't overlap and it sounded more reminiscent of the Commodore 64 SID. Inspired by and dedicated to Brian Taylor. || Composed with Modtracker. -Jonathon Chase, 2006
Red Star Flying through space, or some planet or something, like a game type of theme. || Composed with Modtracker. -Jonathon Chase, 2006
Another Jazzy Groove Composed with Modtracker, this is sort of a 'sequel' of Jammin' 'til Midnight. Really it is just another Smooth Jazz song I composed with what little I knew about Jazz. -Jonathon Chase, 2003
!?Some Kinda' Groove?! Composed/Sequenced with Modtracker, I was going for a "Rock/Go-Go/slight Latin" sound I wanted to have sort of a Go-Go sound to it because nobody at modplug central has Go-Go. This is also the first time I used a solo sample and loop with some original composition. -Jonathon Chase, 2002
Jammin' 'til Midnight Composed with Modtracker, this is a full smooth jazz piece I did from my little knowledge of music theory and what I've learned about the potential of Modtracker. I listen now and think it kind  sucks, but it's still good for someone who didn't learn proper composition theory at the time. I'd also like to call it 'Jazzy Groove', as I started a little series based of this thing called 'Groove'. -Jonathon Chase, 2001
Just A Groove Composed on my Yamaha PSR-GX76. This was done once when I got the my keyboard as a present, and was a song I played with when I first saw it in the store. I used an accompaniment track, and laid out the other tracks myself. -Jonathon Chase, 2001
Revival One of my first original Modtracker compositions. Contains three short movements called "The Ceremony Begins", "The Awakening", and "Alive Again". Wanted to do a CD called Necromancer, but I dropped it. -Jonathon Chase, 2000

Video Game Style - Side Scrolling Shooter
Psychotech Something I created using Modtracker to sound like a Boss Battle in a Side-Scrolling Shooter style game. The idea came from Super R-Type where one entire level was basically a boss. Switches between 5/6, 6/6, and 4/6 time signatures. -Jonathon Chase, 2006
Shooting at Air Another "Level" of a Side-Scrolling Shooter Game. || Composed with Modtracker. -Jonathon Chase, 2006
Go, Go, Go Composed using Modtracker, this is one of my first real song for a side-scrolling shooter type of game. -Jonathon Chase, 2006

Video Game Style - Role Playing Game
Spiritual Sword And yet another battle theme, this time something I'm a little more satisfied with composing on Modtracker. It has a strong theme with a lighter sound and a "flute". This is about the time I started up the (RPsG). -Jonathon Chase, 2004
Rockin' the Boss Rockin' the Boss, isn't obvious that it is a play on words for Rockin' the Bass and doing it as a Boss theme. This is a collaboration that I started, later sent to Zaanbyn to add to it, got it back to make a few minor changes, and finally sent off to our new (RPsG) member, Per. With this pass around collaboration using trackers, we were able to create this simply rocking sound for an RPG. -Jonathon Striker (Chase), Zaanbyn, & Per
Strange Energy This is the "Techno"-like final boss theme to go with Team Effort and Forced Bandwidth. Again using electronic sounds, but this time dragging the tempo real slow and doing it in a 5/4 time signature, I also got my man Zaanbyn to help me out with this (RPsG) contribution. -Jonathon Striker (Chase) & Zaanbyn, 2003
Forced Bandwidth An mix of electronic sounds in a boss theme to make an unusual piece for a supposed RPG if it had a Techno/Fantasy setting. Consider this the mega boss music to follow Team Effort. || Composed with Modtracker. -Jonathon Striker (Chase), 2003
Team Effort I met a guy online names Ben, AKA Elcalen and checked out his music. I took his Out Of Breath, Victorious piece and we turned into a battle theme we appropriately entitled Team Effort for having work together for the first time. This was the beginning of the Role-Player's Guild (RPsG) Composed with Impulse Tracker and Modtracker. -Elcalen & Jonathon Striker (Chase), 2003
Battle with a Vampire Composed with Modtracker, Organs used to be one of my favorite instruments, especially for battle music. I really enjoyed composing this track with a fast paced rock-ish piece using organ, drums, bass, and a strange dark choir to make a sound of fighting in a Dark Cathedral against a Vampire. -Jonathon Chase, 2003
Honor & Glory Another battle theme for an RPG. Wanted to try and vary the style and instrumentation a bit. Don't ask how I got to battle3.mp3 without battle2. || Composed with Modtracker. -Jonathon Chase, 2003
Battle Theme - We Will Win As RPGs are my favorite genre I started creating music for the fighting part of that style of game using Modtracker. I really love music that gets you pumped in the heat of battle. -Jonathon Chase, 2002

All music on this page found on this page or elsewhere is owned by Jonathon Chase and other specific collaborating artists and are not to be used with out permission from all respecting artists. Jonathon Chase, 2008