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This is a collection of things I've gotten from online tests as well as the fun ones like those ever so popular "What/Which _____ are you," tests. I have copied most of these images if not all of them so if the site goes down i would not know unless I checked. Pardon some of the spelling and alternate text. I simply copy and paste the text or HTML and make minor changes if any.

What Candy are you?

discover what candy you are @
What kind of soap are you?
I'm Hand Soap! Most people aren't utilizing me nearly enough.

Take the What Kind Of Soap Are YOU? quiz @ The Quiz Blog @

Which Secret of Mana Character are you?

Which Secret of Mana Character are you?


I'm Pang Tong! Which officer of Shu are you?

You are the KING OF DIAMONDS. Being calm and provocative are what you are best at. You are a level headed leader that everyone looks up to, but not too dependable in a complicated situation.

-=+=--=+=- What Playing Card Are You -=+=--=+=-
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I'm Cao Cao! Which officer of Wei are you? I belong in...
Is that your spear, or are you just happy to see me?

In which of the Three Kingdoms do you belong?

:: how nintendo are you? :: What is Your Super Smash Bros. Fighting Style?

I'm Casual, but a little mean spirited at times.

Which Soda Are You?
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<--(what do you know, same thing)

You are Marle, the reluctant princess. Your beauty is matched only by your desire for freedom. Sometimes you tend to run away from who you are, but deep down, your family is very important to you. Your element is Water.

Which Chrono Trigger Character Are You?
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Which Street Fighter are you?
Test by Nathan

Matt's Star Wars Personality Test    Version 1.1
Find out which Star Wars character you are most like!

You're Robert Garcia. You're in very good circumstances, because you already have everything you could want (insert desired object here). What else could you really wish now? Just go and have fun. The world's here, all yours. Have a taste.

Take the KOF characters Quiz!

The Lord of the Rings
Fellowship of the Ring Personality Test

  Find out which Lord of the Rings character you are most like!

i am Samwise Gamgee.  What LotR character are you like?
Samwise Gamgee was Bilbo's gardener and the close friend of Frodo Baggins, whom he accompanied to Mordor after the breaking of the Fellowship of the Ring.

SPIRIT is your Chinese symbol!

What Chinese Symbol Are You? -- Updated (7/21/03)
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You are Psalms
You are Psalms.

Which book of the Bible are you?
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Learn your Ninja Clan at the Ninja Burger website.

A BLACK Dragon Lies Beneath!

I took the Inner Dragon online quiz and found out I am a Black Dragon on the inside. If there ever was an apparition of Evil, my Inner Dragon is it. Blackies are a fairly common dragon and are considered one of two harmonious dragons. My antithesis is the White Dragon. Together, we embody the Yin and Yang concept of eastern religions.

But I couldn't care less about that garbage. I like to chomp things, cause trouble, and seek unjustified revenge. My favorable attributes are the Moon, the stars, dreams, psychic guidance, seeking truth, and helpful dark magic. Everybody's still got to watch out for me though, because deep down I like to smite at random and have a nasty breath weapon combination of Fire and Acid. *evil grin* Fun, no?

You're Vegeta! Passionate, intense, stubborn, rude, curt... the list continues, and few of them sound nice. You're just a big ball of sunshine, aren't you? Some people speak softly, and carry a big stick. You speak loudly, and carry a REALLY, REALLY, HUGE stick. Confident in yourself and your abilities, even if you really shouldn't be, it's difficult for you to admit when you're not good enough. Most times, you don't. You aspire to be a better person than you are right now, and may push yourself to your limit, but old habits die hard. You're stubborn to a fault, difficult beyond belief, and possess a razor-sharp tongue, as well as wit. As such, a good challenge is hard to come by, and so you make it a point to enjoy the ones you find. You are the epitome of "machoness," and will never, EVER, ask for directions. You should also look into Rogaine. 

I am the Prince of ALL Saiyans once again!
You are SO Vegeta. Mmm.
Find out which DBZ male YOU are.

Ho Hos. Congratulations, you are Ho Hos. Everybody likes a good ho ho every now and then..and because your so merry you always come in pairs..and believe me, when theres a party, theres nothing like a couple of Hos. Your cylindrical and dark with that creamy goodness spiraling inside you. Some may see you as the Yin to the Twinkie Yang. However, dear Ho Ho, some people say that you and the Ding Dong are actually the very same thing...just built and packaged a little differently. Ho Ho, you tell them hell no! You are not a Ding Dong wanna be! You are not a slave to the Ding Dong! Ding Dongs are flat and are long, sexy and virile. So the next time the Ding Dong shows up at the party, just sit back comfortable in sexuality and let out a little ho ho.

Which Snack are you?
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