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My CG Pics

A picture I did in Computer Graphics 1 my senior year in High School.  Part of my fake matrix pics "The Matrix v0.25: The Programming"

Another picture from Computer Graphics.  A picture of me jumping off the wall outside the school.  This is one of my better pics cuz i really did jump of the wall.  Part of my fake matrix pics "The Matrix v0.25: The Programming"

Classwork from computer graphics where we were to make a hybrid of animal and machine.  [Battle Bots Arena not included.]

Surrealism is a style of art where it portrays something thought to be fantasy or in a dream.  Or in this case, maybe a nightmare.

Another fake matrix pic.  As I am Angel, one of the other characters is Nomk (not monk).  We were jumping off tables and stuff and caught a picture of it.

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Hover over the thumbnail images for my comments on the picture.  Clicking the thumbnail will open a new window to view the full size image and is reused for each image.

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