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My favorite Christian music pages:

Christian Electronic music. Nice stuff to listen to, even if you aren't religious.  Sells CDs. Also has previews.
The Christian Rap artists known as Grits are bringin' hardcore hip-hop beats to a soul near you.
All Purpose Records - Free Christian Music on
Vizunari - Got a song on the Holy Hip Hop vol 2 CD as well as some stuff on He got a couple of CDs on sale on his site as well. 
Souljahz - A group I used to listen to a lot, that's not to say I don't still do. I love their Christian Hip-Hop style and the lyrics they preach. If you don't like something too fast or too hard, something your parents can enjoy and you can relax but still jam too, this is who you need to here.
A catchy bass line with some pretty simple laid out beats, Shonlock will give ya' some spiritual hip-hop tracks you can bounce to.
From west coast California, T-Bone is a Christian Rapper who spits fresh lyrics in a mix of English and Spanish, and is know to have a mix of styles to his beat. He has a track on the movie "The Fighting Temptations" colaborated with Zane and Montell Jordan called "To Da River."
KJ-52 is like the Christian Eminem... .. no, he's actually better. Some funny lyrics, some serious ones, some hip-hop, some mixed with rock, he gives you a little taste of everything. Its not 52, its five-two, and he's the "Plain White Rapper"
Who knows what happen to Boy-Bands such as Backstreet Boys and N*Sync, but these Samoa-born brothers are still hitting it on Tours and praising God through their lyrics.

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