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My Links

Funny sites to visit:

A really funny site. You must have sound. You can do anything at (This site is for pure entertainment to make all your friends laugh).
Here is a way to test you mouse and pad, relieve stress, hit something without breaking it, chill to a funky beat, and whatever more you could think of. Whatever the need may be, Spank is here to help.
From, a short movie of a Final Fantasy like none other.
Another from Newgrounds called There She Is!!! This one may be more loved by people who like "cute" movies. by SamBakZa
SamBakZa has done it again, with step 2 to the Flash Music Video There She Is. Its just as good as the prequel. 
World's Smallest Pacman A flash game so dumb, it just had to be added to the funny section. So small, that there is no point for a screenshot. If you use a high screen resolution like me, you might wanna go back to the primitive 640x480.

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