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Sites for Games:

Free original games made from this site which offers a free program to make the games.  Many simple, to some semi-professional style of games.
One of the best stuff for Commodore 64 Emulators, Roms, Sid Music, and Anything else Commodore.  It's all free, It's all Commodore, It's all good.
Another great site for C64 Roms and Emulators.  Includes a search feature as well as browse by letter and has information on the number of downloads and the most downloaded games.  Also great links to check for even more c64 stuff.
Own a TI calculator and a PC graphlink? You can find games and other useful programs for your calc here.
  Ever heard of Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), Pump It Up, or any Bemani game?  Well this is a game of its own, which clones many of the dancing games, and you can download or add songs and create steps of your own. Oh, and its free.
If you got internet access and a pretty decent computer, you can hit on Guild Wars for $50. Unlike most online games, Guild Wars does not have a monthly subscription and broadband is not required.


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