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Sites for Online Games:

A site with a bunch of flash game you can play online such as Diamond Mine (Bejeweled), and Gold Digger. You get your own little score board of high scores and can even challenge your friends via e-mail to try and beat your score.
A site similar to Game Rival, but featuring a bunch or games involving candy images. Talk about subliminal messages. Oh, they also have miniature golf for up to 4 players. Features challenges via e-mail as well.
Its chess, but timed based instead of turn based. Simple strategy won't cut it here. If you think you know chess, rethink your strategy here, and do it fast. also features 4 way chess match for interesting turn of events
It is not an online game per se, but it does have a few games, people play it, and there is stuff to do like lay down some beats, play with friends, or just chat. You can even build your own studio. Think of The Sims, but with you, and not as complex.


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